huangchuo - WHY CHOOSE US

High quality, fast product development
high compatibility and reasonable price

Professional Machineries

We use full auto printing machines to minimize manual handling as it creates a risk of error and slows down the production. By using automatic printing machines, it is easier for us to conduct thorough quality control. 

The printing machines we use:
Heidelberg Printing Machine from Germany
Automatic Screen Printing Machines from Japan
Automatic Digital Printing Machines from Japan
Roll to Roll Printing Machine from Japan

Quality Control - Vertical Integration

We manage our production line as a form of vertical integration in order to better control the quality of our products. We insist on using colour measurement instruments, such as spectrophotometer, colour assessment cabinet, colour analyser and magnifying lenses to achieve the desired colours precisely. 

An Experienced Team

We have an experienced group of people here to provide you with premium support in time. We are able to point out and analyse the issues you have and give you solutions within a limited time frame. 

Research and Development

Ever since the founder went abroad 30 years ago to look for new printing techniques and skills, we continue his eager-to-learn attitude. Our R&D Team has been constantly looking for new equipment or skills to advance our current technology, and to bring more innovation into our products. 

Our Partners

Due to our consistency in quality control, Huang Chuo International has been the proven suppliers/contractors for many international enterprises, such as Nike, Clarks, Walmart, Bauer, FootJoy, etc. 

We Are Green

We care about the environment and your health, therefore all the raw materials and chemicals that we use are SGS proven. We have also been participating in the research of environmentally friendly water-based Ink.