huangchuo - About

High quality, fast product development
high compatibility and reasonable price

Our History

Huang Chuo International was established in 1976. During that time, the technique of Screen Printing was not yet introduced to Taiwan. The founder of Huang Chuo International, Tsang Chen, was the first to have brought the technique of Screen Printing to Taiwan from Japan.

The company then began to work towards Heat-Transfer Printing and further into alternate related fields such as Sublimation Printing and Water Transfer Printing. All our printing equipment has been updated along the way, from manual printing to the full auto machine printing we have today.

What We Believe

We have been conducting quality and reliability tests to ensure the products meet our standards.  Continuously renewing equipment and bringing in new techniques to achieve client satisfaction are always on our minds and haven't changed in decades. 

What We Commit

"High quality, fast product development, high compatibility and reasonable price."
Our experienced and efficient team designs and develops our products according to what our clients want in order to achieve outstanding satisfaction. 

"Sincerity and kindness"
The owner believes that by managing and leading the team with a positive attitude and building up trusts, that this will motivate employees and increase productivity and efficiency. 
Ultimately to provide our clients with excellent service and exceed their expectations.